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We all need architects to beautify our space. Arsinusa provides the best architecture design services in Indonesia. Arsinusa Architects are professionals with experience, skill, vision, and knowledge.

icon_widget_image Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Satuday: 10ap to 2pm icon_widget_image Jl. Taman Amarilis Blok F3 No. 23, Karang Tengah, Tangerang Selatan icon_widget_image +62 821-2127-7817 info@arsinusa.com
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Renovation & Maintenance

Renovation & Maintenance

We are committed to creating innovative and evolutionary architectural & Interior designs that help to shape the living environment and foster creativity in our community. That’s why we are the best architects in Jakarta as well as the best designing and construction firms in Indonesia

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What we Offer


Architect Consulting and Drawing

If your renovation requires design services, be it architectural design or interior design, you must go through this stage. But if you already have your own design, you can coordinate it with our Quantity Surveyor team


RAB / Financial Results

After completing the image consultation process, the next stage is processing the Budget Plan. In the RAB, we will detail every detail of the work, material specifications, length of time


Efficient Building

At this stage, you can check the entire work and then you can adjust it according to your budget. You can also reduce or add work so that the entire RAB can fit into your budget.

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Building Renovation

A building has its own age or period. For example, a roof made of wood will lose its strength over time. Moreover, for example the roof of the wooden building is eaten by termites, of course this will damage faster than the wood itself.

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